[Dried bird’s nest shelf life]_How to save_Enzyme treatment

[Dried bird’s nest shelf life]_How to save_Enzyme treatment

Dried bird’s nest is a kind of health box with high nutritional value, and it is also relatively expensive. Bird’s nest has the effect of improving immunity. The bird’s nests that are usually purchased are dried bird’s nests. This involves a problem of preservation.As a result, the nutritional value is deteriorated, and it is easy to cause moldy deterioration, which will cause huge losses. The most important thing is to pay attention to temperature, light, and the container to be kept.

Dry bird’s nest can be stored in the shelf life.

The shelf life of high-quality dried bird’s nest is three years.

It can be stored in a cool place and not exposed to direct sunlight. If the amount is large, put it in the freezer.

Do not put on the top of the refrigerator or microwave.

Bird’s nests with a high positive rate are easily deteriorated even if put in the refrigerator. Be sure to blow dry before storing, otherwise they will easily become moldy.

The wet bird’s nest can be left under the air conditioner for one night, and the moisture will disappear.

If you see mildew, it is bad. The bad parts should be removed and discarded.

Dried bird’s nest is properly stored in method 1. The light bird’s nest should be kept away from direct sunlight, otherwise it will be damaged.

Many people don’t pay attention to the preservation method of bird’s nest, they accidentally let the bird’s nest get wet, and then get the sun to dry it. As a result, the bird’s nest is completely broken.

2. The temperature is about 5 degrees, so that the bird’s nest can be stored for a long time!

It can also be placed in an area where you are trying to stay away from high temperatures.

Dried bird’s nest should be stored in a cool and dry place. Pay attention to ventilation, moisture resistance, mildew resistance, and better refrigeration. 3, the equipment can be sealed best. It is recommended to use a sealed fresh-keeping box or an ordinary sealed box.

4. Time is not to store the bird’s nest as long as possible. Its main component is protein. If left for too long, it will affect the nutritional value of the bird’s nest.

It is recommended to keep it for no more than two years. If it is stored for more than two years, one will affect the nutrition of the bird’s nest, and the other will cause the bird’s nest to be difficult to infiltrate, and the taste after stewing will be poor.

5, if the enzyme treatment caused by improper storage and found that the bird’s nest has mildew, you can use a toothbrush to add a small amount of water to clean, and then air-dry.

If the bird’s nest is locally moldy and discolored, as long as the moldy part is cut off, the rest can still be eaten normally.

If the bird’s nest has become moldy and black, it cannot be eaten because the bird’s nest has been attacked by bacteria and the nutrients in it have been lost.