What to do if baby has eczema

What to do if baby has eczema

Eczema is divided into dry and wet, dry except for red pimples, white skin, dry and dry grains, penetration, scalp, body will appear; wet will have light yellow transparent crustsSerious ulcers can cause running water. Be careful. Even babies who have seen this kind of eczema in the hospital do not control in time and cause large-scale ulceration to cause sepsis.

  Pay attention to your nails, or wear gloves to your baby while sleeping to prevent scratching.

Breastfeeding mothers should be wary of eczema caused by eating beans, eggs, milk, and seafood. The same rule is ruled out. After eating something, the baby will not eat this kind of eczema.

Eczema is a problem that harms many little babies and Baoma, and the baby said it poorly.

Eczema is particularly severe in children at the age of 2 and 3 months, and it may be seen from time to time. It will be better after 5 months.

With the exception of very few to very large babies who have eczema, most babies will recover after 6-8 months.

  Personal experience, if not serious, do not use medicine.

Wherever the fast-acting ointment must contain hormones, the hormone-based ointment has an extremely fast effect, and it can definitely be destroyed in two seconds. The traditional Chinese medicine ointment excluding hormones has a slower effect, but has fewer complications.

Use as appropriate.

Be careful not to use large-scale hormone ointments for a long time, otherwise pigmentation and capillary dilation will occur.