10 skincare pitfalls that crushes can’t ignore


10 skincare pitfalls that crushes can’t ignore

In the season change, not only your skin care products have to be updated, but your skin care methods have to be changed. We must not be blind while changing. The following editors have compiled the 10 most error-prone skin care methods. Look at you.Is it usually ignored?


hzh {display: none; }  陷阱一:喜欢对眉眼施以浓妆,认为浓眉大眼会显得更精神  很多美眉在冬天有化浓妆的习惯,特别是眼部的化妆,每天都不能少。In order to make myself more energetic, the eyebrows are drawn thick and thick, and the upper and lower eyeliners are also deepened and thickened.

  Sequelae: In fact, this is often counterproductive and fierce, and it will not achieve the effect of making you “more spiritual”.

The correct way is to keep your eyebrows natural and suit your personality; in order to make your eyes look more godly, you can “process” the upper eyeliner appropriately.

  Pitfall 2: To save trouble, a lot of eyebrows use a lipstick of one color. In winter, they don’t like to apply lipstick, and they only use lipstick of one color at most.

I think it ‘s easier to carry this way, and it ‘s easier. Of course, the main thing is not to do it.

  Sequelae: Lips can easily “shadowed” in winter!

And in winter, I usually like to wear dark clothes, which will be more boring, so it is necessary to use more brains on the color of lipstick: prepare more lipsticks to coordinate with the clothing and surrounding environment, and pay attention to use, Will bring unexpected surprises.

  Trap three: Concentrate rouge on the face and make yourself shy and touching In order to make the skin healthier, rouge is inevitable.

Concentrating rouge on the cheek area will quickly make others notice their coquettish appearance.

  Sequelae: Concentrating rouge on the cheek area will exaggerate the cheekbones, which will give you a rigid stereotype.

If you use the blush brush to gently circle from the cheekbones to the temples, it will be very natural after passing the smudge.

  Trap 4: In order to make the eyes more charming, use mascara on the upper and lower lashes. Although the weather is a bit colder, you should also make yourself full of energy!

Beautiful big eyes will always convey your inner passion, so you will not forget to apply mascara to your upper and lower lashes every time you make up.

  Sequelae: Applying mascara on the lower lashes will accidentally make you a “Panda Eye”!

In fact, as long as you apply some mascara or mascara on the upper lashes, it will become a bright eye.

  Trap 5: Use a certain brand of perfume that others feel good to hear from friends that the perfume of a certain brand she has used is not bad. I am wondering what brand of perfume I bought.

It’s a lot easier now, so just buy a bottle of the perfume she uses.

  Sequelae: Perfume is a beauty product that best reflects identity and personal taste. Each person’s use will vary due to different physiological structures.

Therefore, you should choose according to the principle that suits you best.

  Capture 6: No need for night cream. I’m afraid the skin is too oily and the weather is cold. I really don’t want to apply any cream to my body at night.

Besides, without night cream, the skin will not be so oily, and the refreshing feeling is so good!

  Sequelae: Winter skin is the most prone to fine wrinkles due to dryness!

So no matter how cold it is, you must add proper moisture and nutrition to your skin at night.

  Trap 7: Afraid to freeze the skin, think about washing your face with hot water. Would you like to wash your face with hot water in winter?

I feel that my skin will not be frozen and my face will be cleaned and refreshed.

  Sequelae: In the winter, the skin is most afraid of withstanding the cold wind, so how to improve the skin’s cold resistance and enhance the skin’s resistance is a problem that must be considered first.

The best way is to wash your face with hot water and cold water for 30 seconds. This will increase the elasticity of your skin.

  Trap eight: Folding the hair by hand will reduce the degree of damage to the hair. The hair will dry in this season. If it is not properly maintained, split ends will appear.

There are often some eyebrows who like to fold the hair with their hands, and even tear the split hair, thinking that this will reduce the degree of hair damage.

  Sequelae: The result of this will only aggravate the degree of hair damage, and will not be conducive to the healthy growth of the hair.

The wise way is to replace it as soon as possible and cut off the forks!

  Trap # 9: After applying makeup and blowing hair with hot air after shower, is it a habit to apply makeup before blowing hair with hot air?

After the hair is finally dried and cleaned, you can go out beautifully.

  Sequelae: Be careful of hot air to make the skin drier, leading to uneven and coordinated makeup.

So the smart way is to replenish the skin with nutrient water before blowing hair, and then apply moisturizing cream, barrier cream, and makeup.  Capture ten: targeted small beauty methods, but do not change the pillow towels continuously, always looking for secrets to make the face more beautiful, it is easy to clean their own skin, but ignore the “washing” of the pillow towel.

  Sequelae: Pillow towel is actually the easiest to stick to the sweat and grease from the skin, because it needs to be in close contact with your skin for at least 8 hours every day.

Excessive intimacy with a towel covered with cosmetic marks and oil can cause acne.