Do not want to have sex is not love boyfriend?

Do not want to have sex is not love boyfriend?

Questioning netizens: None of Slim Shady’s previous boyfriends before me had made a request to have a relationship with me. I felt very relaxed because I insisted on not having sex before marriage.

And now my boyfriend does not understand my “stubbornness”. He thinks that love is beautiful, and it is better to go further.

He said he loved me, maybe because of this he suspected that I didn’t love him.

He likes philosophy and life. I hope he can understand me. Can I give some advice?

  Answering experts: Li Zixun (Director of Psychologist, Beijing China-Japan Friendship Hospital) can basically be regarded as a person’s attitude towards life, a person who can achieve love as he pleases, and he is more free in life and does not want to be restrainedYourself.

People who like philosophy and knowledge of life are more generally recognized for the realization of life, and life is the assembly of experience.

For example, such a person pursues ownership, but does not care about having it forever, there is almost no difference between what is always and nothing, because it also does not inspire a living experience.

It can be said that those who pursue the freedom and passion of life ultimately do not have freedom and passion.

  If you love him, you should be like him, but sometimes the strangeness of life is happening, and you are not like him to be an excitement, a living experience.

For some men, the less things they get, the more irritating they are. They even want to share (marry) with you for life to maintain your interest in him.

If you really like him, you need to keep him moderate in dissatisfaction. Because of dissatisfaction, you have experience, and because these feelings of dissatisfaction are directed to you and can only be satisfied by you, so love will always live.

  In turn, you have to think, do you have a desire for sex?

Have you longed for it?

What ideas hinder you from achieving and fulfilling lust?

If you and your boyfriend are trying to stop your ears, then I will worry more about you.

If a woman is completely transformed by some traditional, “correct” concepts, life becomes a step-by-step process, and the love creativity of such a woman.

Therefore, you need to give the other person a legit, not accepting premarital sex statement, but also suggest a rough deadline for the boyfriend to work hard.

If love is also considered a game, will the longer you play the deeper it will be?

In fact, it may not be.

If you know that man has some kind of love model, unlike his previous experience, it is a stimulus to him.

If you change him, you may get him, he changes you, and you will become a blind eye like his past girlfriend.

However, the concept of existentialism is that if this man is enough for you to cherish and like, you have him for a moment, and in the continuity of life, you also have him forever, and at some point in your life with himSharing, this moment is an important part of your life.