Amazing parent-child games during a power outage

Amazing parent-child games during a power outage

It’s finally out of power, great!

Actually, it wasn’t my brain that went wrong, it was just because all kids loved blackouts!

Children especially enjoy the novel experiences of large-scale power outages.

  Hide and seek in the rare darkness, watch the shadow of the trees under the moonlight . everything is very beautiful.

So, if you are lucky enough to encounter a power outage, be sure to make good use of it.

  Bring a flashlight, and lead your child to a safe open space nearby: school guidance, community green space, all are good places.

There must be more adults and children than usual. Let the children play by themselves, frighten each other, chase each other. Rarely, everyone is on TV for a day off. Be sure to relax and enjoy!

  Now we recommend several games that are “power off”: 1. Candlelight games: Place small candles in containers such as boats or bottle caps folded by thick paper, put them into small basins or bathtubs, and let them float in the water;It ‘s also good for children to have a candlelight dinner. Do n’t think that only lovers have this need and mood; the candlelight hand shadow game is also different from the light, because the candle light sways with the wind and the hand shadow changes.It’s more obvious and interesting.

  2. Storytelling Telling stories of myths and ghosts in secret, this experience is to keep the baby in mind for life.

Hold your baby in your arms and start talking.

Darkness can make people’s relationships more intimate, and children prefer to have close physical contact with people when the power goes out.

But if your child is sensitive and timid, you have to master the scale.

If you do not have a good grasp of the scale, it is best not to talk about it, because the child is difficult to recover after being frightened.

  Generally speaking, the story is shorter and the ending is bright. The protagonist should be brave and resourceful, and not afraid of ghosts.

Telling scary stories is not to scare children or make them bolder.

Therefore, in the end, it must be made clear that the ghost is not terrible. It does not exist at all. Turn on the light and let the child find it to confirm this.

Most children are afraid of darkness, so children should understand that fear of darkness is also a psychological problem, not that darkness is really terrible.

  3. Hide-and-seek hide-and-seek in the dark often makes the child’s heart rate too fast. This is because the moment of anticipation, fear and fear of being caught in the dark makes the baby too excited, so do n’t play too much time, and do n’t grab too suddenlyIf you live with a child, make a noise in advance.

Dangerous goods should be packed before playing, and there should be no stumbling things on the ground.

  4, singing together in the dark singing unique flavor, you and your baby must try, not a trace of light, there is no microphone and karaoke, the family sitting together, holding each other’s hands.

Seeing the singer’s expression, the singing voice is more pure.

Some shy children can sing boldly at this time.

Its disadvantage is that it often makes people forget the time and sing it into the middle of the night as soon as they sing.