Kung Fu Panda hidden secrets of the workplace

“Kung Fu Panda” hidden secrets of the workplace

1. If you don’t have a ticket, you can try to make your own firework chair from the sky.

  Every door has its own hard bar for everyone. Just a professional diploma, the requirements of the industry’s working life are scary enough, let alone the interview and assessment.

Is it necessary for eye-catchers to be eye-catching resumes?

Look at Abao’s debut show-Abao originally sold noodles in the draft. If he believed that he was selling noodles, he might have been selling noodles.

However, he is an unprecedented kung fu fan. He has just completed a successful case for each master and even collected five dolls of masters. Every day he is dreaming to be able to compete with masters.

  Because he wants to, he can do it.

The gates are closed, wall climbing fails, and tree climbing is not a problem. As long as you persist, as long as you have the courage, you will have the chance to be found.

When Abao appeared in front of everyone in a diy firework chair, the opportunity fell from the sky.

  2. Even if you are not a big hit, at least you need to develop a spectator seat.

  When faced with promotion, promotion, and challenging job opportunities, on the surface it seems that leaders will ignore the strong men left in traditional concepts. Is it possible for a rookie to be discouraged and give up completely?

The confusion in the immediate vicinity blocks the footsteps of the dream-to accumulate at any time, to maintain passion, and to leave the person who is prepared and closest to it.

A Bao knows that he has no part, and is not discouraged, nor is he lacking, but still walks to the master he admires with a positive attitude.

  3, we must remember: people who do not dream, it is difficult to have a magnificent life.

  When rookies first entered the workplace, they almost regarded this sentence as true.

Is it necessary to follow the rules of seniority, do not believe that you can be a goose?

When Tortoise believes that Abao is a dragon hero, it seems that the opportunity is incredible. At this time, if Abao does not believe it and insists on shrinking, then the next story will not happen.

When the opportunity comes, grab it without hesitation, this is the first step to make it unique to you.

Indian law requires 18 years of age to start a company.

However, at the age of 14, Indian computer genius Suhas Gopinath founded a software company.

Suhas couldn’t wait for four years because of the restrictions of his country’s laws. He invited three friends to register his company in San Jose, California.

Now 21, he runs a multinational company with a net worth of over 100 million and employs 400 employees who do business with customers around the world.

  4, face the master, learn, follow, wait for the time.

  Unskilled work, a lot of situations, and inferior skills, of course, will be destroyed by the predecessors.

In the face of pressure and frustration, how do you fight better?

Abao announces the winning mentality-abandoning history and mystery-living in the present and persisting.

  The past is history, and the future is unknown. What matters is to live in the present.

A Bao, who can’t even see his toes, has to practice martial arts with the five masters of martial arts.

But Abao did not give up his faith because he was taken lightly, and his frank attitude and kind smile won the help of Kung Fu masters.

He understands that to be a dragon hero, we must have the same persistence as Xu Sanduo.

  5. Secret has nothing, the magic weapon is to believe in yourself.

  For the mystery of the dragon, the leopard sacrifice human life at the expense of the blood, and even the master of the sword.

Everyone believes that the world is invincible with the secret urn.

However, when Abao or Panther opened the secret urn, they were all the same, and they could only see themselves.

In the end, Abao won, that is, the essence of his secrets-he should not pin his hope on others, he should work hard and show the best part of himself.

  If you believe in “the noodle family, noodle soup is flowing in the blood vessels”, you are not willing to dream of kung fu, and even the practice of switching to tofu has become a treason, then you will sell noodles all your life.