Top 10 foods to prevent Alzheimer’s

Top 10 foods to prevent Alzheimer’s

Dementia causes great inconvenience to the life of the elderly.

New research suggests that beta-amyloid accumulates inside the brain, causing brain nerve cells to age, which can cause the disease.

Junji Shirasawa (Lecturer in Anti-Aging Medicine, Japan) pointed out that absorbing foods such as vegetables with strong antioxidant effects can effectively inhibit the accumulation of β-amyloid, especially the following foods can effectively prevent the occurrence of dementia.

The previous beta-carotene, vitamin C, E and other antioxidant ingredients are also expected to supplement fiber and help the body improve immunity.


Basically, carrots have the most abundant beta-carotene content. When the content of vitamin A in the body is insufficient, beta-carotene can be converted into vitamin A to play an antioxidant role.


The contained mucin can inhibit the rise of blood sugar level; natto also contains nattokinase, which can promote blood circulation and prevent cerebral infarction.

  chicken breast.

Among the chickens in various parts, the sole carpinoside of the chicken breast has anti-oxidant effect.


Contains lycopene, which has a powerful antioxidant effect.


Contains more than 200 kinds of phytochemicals with anti-oxidant effect, which has strong antioxidant power.


The most representative phytochemical has strong antioxidant and detoxifying capabilities.

  Sea fish.

Marine fish such as sardines can DHA and can dissolve blood clots.


Obviously curcumin has a powerful antioxidant effect.

Indians are reported to have a quarter of the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in Europe and the United States, which may be related to Indians eating curry ingredients that cause turmeric.


Notably vitamin E, which has been confirmed to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Avocados may also be unsaturated fatty acids, which are good for blood vessels.