Public offering of stock market value accounted for 5% of the A-share market value returned to 5%

Public offering of stock market value accounted for 5% of the A-share market value returned to 5%

Shanghai Securities News Author: Lu Haiqing after a lapse of more than five years, raised funds hold securities market capitalization value accounted for the proportion of A shares back above 5% again.

According to data from China Galaxy Securities Fund Research Center, as of the end of 2019, public equity funds held a total of 2 A stock market values.

43 trillion yuan, accounting for 5 of the A-share market capitalization.


  In the eyes of a few people, the reorganization, the equity funds handed out dazzling transcripts in 2019, and excellent performance has a positive effect on the fund size; instead, reforms that have benefited the development of the public fund industry have been gradually introduced, and equity funds have usheredOpportunities for development, the voice of public funds is expected to further increase in the future.

  The rapid development momentum of equity funds has already appeared.

According to statistics, the average return rate of stock funds in 2019 exceeded 44%, benefiting from the growth of the fund’s net worth. In the fourth quarter of last year, the scale of equity funds (including open-end stock funds and hybrid funds) increased by nearly 350 billion yuan.

  Attracted by the money-making effect, the issuance of equity funds has significantly increased since this year, and a steady stream of funds has flowed in.

According to Oriental Fortune Choice data, as of January 22, the total size of active equity funds issued during the year exceeded $ 62 billion, and the total size of passive index funds issued during the year was close to $ 14 billion.

  Explosive funds appear frequently.

For example, Huitianfu’s large-cap core hybrid asset fund raised only 3 trading days and the total issue size exceeded 11 billion yuan.

Similarly, Invesco Great Wall Quality Growth Hybrid Fund raised 67 in two days.

2.3 billion US dollars, Guangfa Technology Pioneer Hybrid Fund one day subscription funds approaching 100 billion US dollars.

  According to statistics, there are currently more than 10 equity funds being issued and more than 20 equity funds waiting to be issued.

After the Spring Festival, the active sales of new active equity funds are expected to continue, and many funds are planned to be in charge of excellent fund managers.

For example, Ruiyuan Fund will issue only the second public offering fund product-Ruiyuan Equilibrium Value Three-year 厦门夜网 Holding Hybrid Fund. The fund will raise USD 6 billion in scale and the fundraising time will be 4 trading days.Investment veteran Zhao Feng is the fund manager.

  A fund analyst in Shanghai said that through the continuous expansion of the scale of equity funds, the stock market value of public funds will continue to increase in the future.

“In the future, the development space of equity funds is very broad. The regulatory authorities have further optimized the registration mechanism of public fund products. The approval of equity funds has accelerated significantly. The evaluation of equity funds has also become more long-term.Concept to promote long-term capital formation.

“In the view of New Age Securities analyst Fan Jituo, the right of public funds to speak in the future will return.

“The last time the voice 苏州夜网论坛 of public funds was significantly improved was from 2003 to 2007.

After 2007, equity funds have not been able to create excess returns for individual investors for a long time, and their investment experience is not good, which has led to the majority of equity fund issuances becoming a reverse indicator.

In recent years, compared with most other product ratings, the performance of public equity funds has expanded, and the volume of listed equity funds issued is different from the previous one, which may repeat the return of public fund discourse rights from 2006 to 2007.