Thoughts on weight loss

Thoughts on weight loss

Weight loss is a matter of perseverance, no matter what way you choose to lose weight, it is important to stick to it from beginning to end!

The autumn is here in a blink of an eye. The weather turns cold, and the appetite starts to get better. At this moment, if you don’t pay attention, it is easy for Qiu Yan to snuggle up quietly. When the next summer, you will worry about your figure again.

Today, last year, I was still a “fat girl”. Today, my friends have seen me.

Here I will “shake out” the little experience I have accumulated in the process of weight loss, in order to meet my “Allies”.

  Make a plan that suits you The most important thing is to make a fit weight loss plan for yourself. You can’t hurt yourself by losing weight.

In order to thoroughly implement a weight loss plan, you should actually make a weight loss plan that suits you best.

  Preliminary 1?
Revisit your daily routine in 2 weeks. For example, there are several days of the week where you eat after 10 o’clock in the evening, or you eat quickly, or you often skip breakfast. These are the factors that cause obesity.

Therefore, you should reduce these factors that will cause you too much. After that, do some light exercises such as stretching, and warm up your body.

  Step 2?
During the 3 weeks, it is a dietary adjustment. Eat less greasy foods, desserts, various types of wine, and carbonated drinks.

Eat more fibrous foods and make adjustments that exceed your weight goals.

In sports, contraction exercise combined with local exercise of each part can strengthen muscles, prevent sports injuries, and exercise a constitution that is easy to burn.

  Step 3?
At the end of more than 4 weeks, the balanced eating habits in the three meals must be reset. The nutritional balance, content, and quantity, such as protein, starch, and fat, should be set according to each person’s physical condition.

And sports should be combined with burning adults’ exercises, such as oxygen dance, swimming and other body exercises.

  If you eat dinner, you will not gain weight. If you eat dinner and sleep more than 4 hours apart, you can eat some dinner at around 22 to 23 o’clock, because there is at least 1 hour to digest food and reduce the chance of aunt accumulation.

In addition, it is recommended that fiber-rich foods should be selected for midnight foods, because high-fiber foods are full and not fattening.

For example, drinking porridge, high-fiber wheat skin skimmed milk, or bananas. Most people mistakenly think that eating bananas will increase fat. In fact, a banana contains half less than rice, and fiber is one to one pair more than rice.

Banana contains potassium. Potassium is a mineral. It does not accumulate. It can maintain normal nerve transportation, normal heartbeat, and peaceful mood.

  Eating fruit without losing weight should not be considered as fruit replacement meal can reduce body weight and reduce slight effects in the body. Fructose contained in fruits will also cause slight accumulation in the body.

Some girls try to stop getting fat by sleeping less, but lack of sleep can lead to increased appetite.

Because when sleep is inadequate and you have to stay awake, you get bored and anxious, and eating is used as a way to relieve your anxiety.

Studies have shown that people who are guaranteed to sleep for more than 8 hours have better health status than those who continue to sleep for 6 hours.

If you have to stay up late, you can consume skim milk, yogurt or fruit.

In fact, too little exercise leads to excessive lead.

If the girl can guarantee at least three times a week, more than half an hour, especially for whole body sports such as swimming, even if she ca n’t swim, take a step in the water and use water to overcome the unfortunate effect of burning the body is also an effective way to lose weight.

  I refuse to be slightly slimmer and want to lose weight. I usually avoid eating fat first, but long-term consumption of less oily food is difficult to lose weight before or after the experience, or barely thinner and then quickly go back fat, sometimes eat very little, but evenDrinking water can make you fat, how can it be so?

Too little fatty acid can have many consequences.

If fats and oils in the diet can lead to dry skin and eczema; slightly divided into two types: saturated and unsaturated, which are generally solid at normal temperature or elevated temperature, such as lard, tallow, etc.Existing state is stable, it is not easy to cause chemical changes, but it is easy to cause cardiovascular and vascular problems, and it should be eaten as little as possible; a good aunt supply can keep people’s beautiful and moisturized skin, so don’t blindly follow the body and the hospital’sFat recipes, because really rely on this information to lose fewer people, more fat people, not to mention the ultra-low fat diet does have its dangers.

So eat this unfortunate food in moderation.

  You must know how to eat salads without salad dressing, lemon juice or vinegar. If you don’t like condiments such as vinegar, it is better to eat the original flavors. When eating snacks or coffee and tea, don’t add sugar and milk or tryAdd only one of them; for things that have hooks and sweet and sour, prepare a bowl of boiling water on the side and filter the oil first, or prepare a napkin and suck the oil off.

This can reduce oil intake.

  The diet of heavy and non-heavy fat people is basically the same as that of lean people. The difference lies in the amount of food consumed at one time.

It’s better to eat a real cream cake than to fill your belly with a large piece of inferior cake, in this way you can satisfy your appetite with less transfer.

The key after a big meal is what measures to take to deal with these excess foods.

When appetite is difficult to suppress, as long as there is 10 minutes to divert attention, cravings will gradually disappear.

Or take a long walk after a meal to quickly digest the superfluous misfortune that is being replaced.
  Eating ice cream and losing weight Ice cream is a recognized enemy of weight loss. In fact, you don’t have to struggle between ice cream and weight loss goals.

Recent research has shown that ice cream can be used as part of a diet, and eating a few pounds of excess meat can be recovered more than quitting smoking.

As long as you can control your calorie budget and count the conversion of ice cream into conversions that must be retaken daily, you can enjoy the flavor of ice cream without guilt.
In order not to make your instant exceed the standard, be sure to eat low-fat.

Here is another good excuse for eating ice cream: the sweet calcium can help you lose weight quickly, because if the body lacks calcium, it will lose the ability to burn trace amounts, and eating ice cream will allow you to absorb more calcium.

You can lose weight by scoring calories, but you can also increase your weight loss success rate by increasing your calcium intake.