Six most awesome lamb recipes

Six most awesome lamb recipes

Nutrition science believes that the combination of meat and vegetables is complementary, and from the perspective of diet and health, a reasonable mix of meat and vegetables can also enhance the efficacy of diet.

There is too much attention to vegetarian matching!

  Lamb with ginger and mutton nourish the blood and warm Yang, ginger analgesic and rheumatism, match each other. Ginger removes the pungent smell of mutton, helping mutton to play the effect of warming Yang and removing cold; mutton with yam tonicate blood, strengthen the body, defecate; add coriander for appetizing, impotence.

  Beef with potatoes beef has high nutritional value, can strengthen the spleen and stomach, eat beef in winter, but also warm the stomach, but the beef fiber is thick, it will stimulate the gastric mucosa, put some potatoes to protect the stomach, and the nutrition of potatoes is also very good; beef with taro, supplementZhongyiqi can relieve constipation.

  Fish meat with tofu Fish meat is rich in methionine and less phenylalanine, but tofu is the opposite. If you eat them together, you can learn from each other. Tofu contains calcium metabolism, which absorbs vitamin D in the fish body and improves the absorption rate of calcium. It is suitable forFor elderly and pregnant women.

  Chicken with chestnut chicken can enhance the body’s hematopoietic function. Chestnuts focus on strengthening the spleen and are good for absorbing the nutrients of chicken. It is best to choose old hen soup and chestnuts.

  Duck meat with yam and old duck can replenish human water, yin, heat, cough, and yam has a stronger yin tonic effect. When eaten with duck meat, it can eliminate greasy and nourish lungs.

  Pork side dish onion can increase a small amount of metabolism, reduce blood viscosity, reduce the high side effects of eating pork snacks. Pork belongs to “wild” amaranth, with winter melon and lily, has an intestinal moisturizing effect; add kelp, remove dampness and itching;Add pumpkin, lower blood sugar; add bean sprouts, diuretic, swelling.