Body 8 local scraping health method

Body 8 local scraping health method

1. Women with shaving hands and feet and qi and collaterals often experience cold hands and feet. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this is mainly related to insufficient body yang, or poor blood flow.

It is recommended to first wipe the palm of the hand with the surface of the scraping board. After heating the palm, wipe the four sides of the finger with the blade of the scraping board, from the root to the fingertips, 5 to 10 times in each direction.

The same can be applied to scrape both feet.

  2, shaving the abdomen, can laxative long-term constipation will not only affect digestion and absorption, will make the body absorb toxins.

The surface of the scraping board can be used to scrape the skin from top to bottom, from left to right.

It should be noted that if the interior is dirty and drooping, it should be wiped from the bottom up.

  3, shave the eye, I can believe that everyone has done eye exercises, and they are very familiar with several of them.

Using scraping instead of kneading with fingers can form a more effective stimulation of acupoints.

First use the scraping comb to click on the eye point, then use the eye point as the starting point and the outer eye corner as the end point, and scrape from the upper and lower orbitals respectively.

It can improve the blood flow of the meridians around the eyes, relieve visual fatigue and dryness.

  4. Scratching, Huoxueshujin neck and shoulders are “occupational diseases” of desk workers. Scraping can promote blood circulation, improve the state of local qi and blood stasis.

Three routes are mainly selected, that is, the midpoint of the posterior hairline toward Dazhui, and the upper edges of the two outer corners of the posterior hairline are scraped toward the left and right shoulders, respectively.

In addition, scraping this part during colds has the effect of removing wind and muscles.

  5, scraping the sternum, wide chest and qi. Many people will feel chest tightness and shortness of breath after being in a bad mood or tired. You can use the single corner of the scraping comb to slowly scrape the lower half of the sternum.

At this position, there is the “Qihui” Yingzhong acupoint in the Bahui acupoint, which stimulates this acupuncture point to widen the chest and regulate qi.

In addition, snoring people can often scrape this place.

  6. Scraping the ribs, relieving the liver and relieving depression, depression, irritability, and long-term mental stress can lead to disorders of the entire body.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that normal emotional activity depends on the regulation of the ventilator, and the liver can unblock the ventilator, so it can regulate emotions.

Because the ribs on both sides of the human body mainly have liver meridian distribution, scraping this area can evacuate the liver and relieve depression. Among them, the focus is on the Qimen acupoint of the nipple straight line and the sixth intercostal intersection.

When scraping, move slowly. Look for and scrape the area of pain or nodules.

  7. Scraping the soles of the feet to relieve insomnia. Insomnia patients can scrape the soles of the feet before going to bed at night, which helps to promote sleep and ease.

The method is to scrape the whole foot from the sole to the heel first, and then scrape the Yongquan point in the center of the foot with a single angle after scraping the heat.

  8. Shave your head and refresh your head. The head is where the body’s yang meridians converge.

After waking up in the morning, scrape the tip with a scraping comb, which can invigorate the yang energy and make people refreshed.

Methods Using the Baihui acupoint at the top of the head as the center, radial scraping was performed around the scalp until the scalp felt hot.

If there is a pain point, wipe repeatedly at this point 5 to 10 times.