Aerobics for SOHO!

Aerobics for SOHO!

While the Internet has changed our lifestyle, it has also brought new health risks.

The SOHO family lives irregularly every day and has few opportunities to exercise. It is easy to suffer from symptoms such as different degrees of shoulder and back muscle aches. If you do not take timely measures, it will easily cause discomfort.

  Breast and abdominal breathing.

  Role: Clear exhaust gas, calm nerves and eliminate brain fatigue.

  Skull around the ring, alternate between the front and back.

Repeat several times every two hours.

Shake his head and nodded alternately.

  Function: It can prevent and relieve cervical spondylosis.

  Shoulder 1.

Naturally natural or sitting posture, the left shoulder loops forward and repeats about 10 times.

The right shoulder loops forward and repeats about 10 times.


The lower extremity is in the tip or sitting position, with the body facing directly forward, one arm raised flat on the opposite side, the other arm flexed, and the straight arm pulled inward, with five fingers trying to squeeze.

  Function: By stretching the ligament of the shoulder, the blood circulation of the shoulder and both arms can be improved, so as to relieve the fatigue of the shoulder.

  Waist 1.

Sit up straight with your toes against a fixture and your hands behind your head.

First slowly back to the highest, exhale, and then return, exhale.


Support your waist with both hands, from left to right, and do around your waist.

Then from right to left, do a waist wrap.

  Role: Improve the flexibility of waist muscles, or reduce waist fatigue.