Canruo peach blossom whitening standard

Canruo peach blossom whitening standard

Traditional Chinese medicine known as “physical medicine” considers the body as the basis of emotions, so internally adjusting the body will naturally bring people a good mood and a good complexion is not far away.

Of course, you will still encounter bad moods, but it doesn’t matter. Try to convince yourself, distract your attention to do what you want to do, wait for the emotional changes to calm down, then listen carefully to the sounds of the body, and converge on introspection.

It’s a good way to go outdoors. People are in nature and everything is easy to pass.

  Can Ruo Tao Hua is the standard for whitening skin of Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine also pays attention to moisturizing and sun protection.

Good skin must have sufficient moisture and reliable protection, especially in spring, after moisturizing, you must rub moisturizing cream and sunscreen cream to lock the water in the skin to protect the results of internal adjustment.

Traditional Chinese medicine has long had “can Ruo peach blossom” whitening skin standards, that is, white powder through the powder, delicate and moisturizing, pay attention to your inner, your white can last long.

  Lin Liwen, Shanghai Acupuncture and Moxibustion TCM Health Care Consultant, “Flowers are in season, need oxygen and sleep well.

“DOS 1, Apricot flower wash spots: Chinese medicine believes that apricot flower supplements qi and relieves wind and collaterals, which can nourish the skin and remove ecchymosis.

Washing the face with apricot flower (dry and fresh) can inhibit the formation of melanin and reduce the effect of spotting; add 100 grams of stalk rice porridge and add 3-5 grams of apricot flower, cook for another 10 minutes, and cool to drink.

  2. Rub the surface to improve the dullness: pick 250 grams of flower buds, 3 grams of white peony, 1000 ml of white wine, seal and soak for 30-49 days, and drink 15-30 ml in the morning and evening.

  3. Lift the eyelids to lighten the dark circles: because more oxygen can flush into the blood vessels around the eyes, a light tap can also lighten the spots and dark circles.

  4. The skin turns yellow, and the joints are turned when the bowel movement is not smooth: from toes, toes, fractures to hip joints, like a hula hoop, to condition the upper and lower trifocal energy.

  5. Turn off the computer an hour before going to bed, TV: Don’t want to work anymore, so you can have a good deep sleep.

  6, those who are physically weak should do moxibustion: people with severe white hair and purple hair are suitable for moxibustion on the lower abdomen.

Or find some warm woods and restore the vitality of the essential oils to make your skin naturally rosy.

  7, if the skin is white, you must eat white rice: people who do not eat staple foods will easily age and have spots.

China has long said that “grains are supported”, and the role of staple food has never been ignored in Western dietary structures.

  8. Traditional Chinese medicine “doubao” for massage: grind soy beans, white peony, cloves, mugwort leaves, white barley kernels into powder, wrap them, put them in the microwave to heat them, and put them on the face, small belly and feet, which has the effect of conditioning Qi.
  梦妆花萃净白淡斑精华露 189元/40毫升 含川穹、桂枝、藁本  DON’TS  1、膝盖酸软、黑眼圈者,忌大流汗:有寒气在体内,要温补下焦,Nourishing Yang Qi.

  2, aimless Internet access: the energy consumption is very large, many people can not concentrate, it is related to computer TV watching too much.

It is better to choose a more gentle reading and spend your leisure time.

  3. Don’t go to the gym right after work: It’s not wise to go to the gym all day long. You should rest and maintain your vitality.

  4. Don’t drink a large glass of juice in the morning: it’s too cold for the stomach and intestines, and don’t use vegetables and fruits as the main meal.

  Neutrogena Whitening Day Cream SPF20 139 yuan / 50 grams with purslane extract Liu Jie Beijing Pingxintang Chinese medicine practitioner “Adjusting your body shape can indirectly affect your looks.

“DOS 1, foot bath every night: Except for the face, the microvessels of the upstream channels and hands and feet are most abundant, especially the hands and feet cannot be cold.

This method is most suitable if the following areas are affected by cold and spots: 6 slices of ginger, 20 slices of peppercorns, 10 grams of angelica, 30 grams of mangosteen meat and boiled feet in water for a week, skin qi and blood will return to normal.

  2, drinking pear, Changshan syrup to heat and light spots: two seconds spots left to the liver, right to the lungs, if the constitution is hot, you should add more pears, dry mouth does not feel thirsty, add more yam.

  3, practice lying upside down before going to bed every day: can adjust the curvature of the lumbar spine to enhance blood flow.

Lie on your back with your legs straight up, fold against your chest, and support your waist with your hands from below for 3 minutes.

  DON’TS 1, actually lift the chest and abdomen: The abdomen tilts the pelvis forward, making the waist tense, the path of the stomach through the path is blocked, and the facial blood will become worse.

A healthy standing posture is to have the upper body with the chest pulled back, and if standing against the wall, the waist should be able to resist.

  Kosé Sekkisei Pure Purifying Toner II (Fengze type) 320 yuan / 140 ml containing grass extract, sage leaf extract Xu Wenbo, director of Beijing Yuyuantang Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic “A woman must have a good sex life.

“DOS 1, maintain a good sex life: When orgasm, flushing like a shy complexion actually mobilizes the inner vitality.

Regular, orgasmic, and enjoyable sex life is great for keeping skin young.

  2. The neck is soft and airy: the neck has a lot of meridians. If the cervical spine is not good, the energy is blocked in the rising position, and the nutrition cannot reach the face.

To keep the neck warm, don’t keep a movement for a long time. Usually, the lower jaw should be lower, and the neck should be soft and relaxed.

  3, women should avoid cold: especially before and after menstruation, blood is concentrated to the uterus and pelvic cavity, the lower body must not catch cold.

  4, eat more dates: women should not have no dates for a hundred days, cooked red date water, can nourish blood and qi.  DON’TS 1, Overworked: Women are based on blood, and many people consume essence blood secretly. Excessive use of God, although invisible, consumes blood, and their natural appearance deteriorates.

  2, eat too cold, too much: around 35 years old, the function of the stomach declines, his complexion turns yellow.

Eat less cold and cold, don’t eat too much, let the spleen and stomach rest.

Chinese medicine has said that thinking of hurting the spleen, especially before and after tandem, can not worry.