Woman kidney deficiency tonic food diet recommended

Woman kidney deficiency tonic food diet recommended

Women, of course, have kidney deficiency just like men!

Women also need kidneys!

The so-called “kidney” in Chinese medicine is totally different from the “kidney” in western medicine, and the reproductive system of male animals such as “seal kidney”, “deer kidney”, “sheep kidney” and so on.

Therefore, the “kidney” of Chinese medicine is aimed at all people, not men. Of course, women may also have kidney deficiency, and women have more kidney deficiency than men due to physiological characteristics.

  I used to think that kidney deficiency was only a matter for men. I used to think that kidney supplementation was just a patent for men. At one time, people couldn’t think of it-women also need kidney supplementation!

  Once a woman has kidney deficiency, she will soon become mentally tired, with low response, sour waist, soft legs, dull skin color, dull lower eyelids, scorched auricles, fragile bones, etc. Therefore, women are always short-lived, red and old, and one of the baneJust the unknown kidney deficiency!

Especially modern white-collar women, work pressure is high, irregular life most often have varying degrees of kidney deficiency.

  Recommend a few tonic diet recipes for you: 1.

Cardamom milk juice cuts celery and shallots into thin filaments, mixes with four cups of yogurt or milk wine, adds some cardamom minced meat and an appropriate amount of salt, stirs thoroughly and puts in the refrigerator.

Take half a cup (20-30 grams) every morning.


Celery custard Wash 300 grams of celery, cut into sections, cook in a pan with water for a while, add flour and 1 cup of thick broth, and add 1 egg yolk. Hot drinks are best.


Carrot Scoop two carrots, cut into thin lines, mix with 150 g of cold milk (heated) and stir well, add the appropriate amount of salt.

Take one cup daily, divided into 3 doses, which is most effective for a week.


Honey diced is mashed with 200 grams of walnut kernels, mixed with 100 grams each of figs, dried apricots and raisins, plus 100 grams of honey, carefully blended to serve.

Take one spoon daily.


Grape ginseng tonic is added 20 grams of cinnamon and 20 grams of ginseng to 1 kg of white wine, and sealed and soak for 15 days.

Then open and take a cup (50-80 grams) a day.