How to gain weight – my funny fattening road


How to gain weight?

My funny fattening road

How can I gain weight?

This problem has invaded me for many years!

I remember that my mother once told me that when I was a child, I was chubby and my thief was cute.

However, when I grow up, it is not as good as one year, and I am thinner and the belt is getting wider.

銆€銆€Once was brought to the hospital for examination by my mother, the doctor actually said: This child is very good!


Skinny, spirit!

. speechless.

I was once consulted by the aunt to the psychic media, and the witch actually said: The child’s eyebrows are clear, and the amount of blue gluten is not the same!

.Scared slowly, I am used to the kindergarten, and I will give you a spoonful.

The older class’s sister always stood in front of me, then turned to me and said, 鈥淚 will protect you.鈥?The primary school sports meeting was kindly arranged by the teacher to the end.

Junior high school to help the brothers in the first fight, he patted me on the shoulder and said: “Heart took it, when you let the wind.”

The high school Chinese teacher told Xia Yan’s workmanship, and when he mentioned the Luchai stick, he gave me a look.

The university comforted a crying MM and said, “Cry out, it will be better, I can lend you a generous shoulder.

As a result, she glanced at me and immediately broke into laughter.

銆€銆€The belt should be buckled to the last buckle, the shoes should be bought in small size, and the shirt should be bought in a row.

銆€銆€Of course, the benefits of thinness and thinness are first of all for China, which is in the primary stage of socialism, saving more than 20 years of soap, shower gel and cloth.

銆€銆€Reduce the per capita possession of land for China.

When entering the college elevator, I always want everyone to be like me, the number of elevators can be increased from 13 to 25!

銆€銆€And for the majority of picky young people to provide negative textbooks, how many times the strange aunt pointed to me while teaching the children: “To eat more or not thin like the brother, catch up with the dog next door and bully you.” Then that sillyThe kid looked at me and actually took a big bite, swallowed it, clenched his fist, and then nodded heavily.

銆€銆€Finally, the brothers who played mahjong provided a whisper, and the chickens were staring at me.

What a good one, you can put it in the card.

銆€銆€In order to gain weight, I have tried hard to hear that eating noodles at night can increase weight.

So I started four days a day from middle school, and the last meal was not a noodle.

Dad has tried his best to change the pattern, and all kinds of noodles have been done.

However, the disappointing son still maintains the image of Ethiopian population. At one point, it cannot show that most parts of southern Shaanxi have been lifted out of poverty and become prosperous.

銆€銆€I heard that eating milk and soaking bread in the morning can make you fat.

Then set the milk to buy bread.

The result has not been adhered to for two days, all food is taken over by roommates.

It is also famous for its name: “In any case, eating is also a waste of national food.”

Then educate me: “Do you know how many people in China live below the poverty line?

How many people have not starved to eat?

“Bite my bread and drink my milk while my mouth is big – my heart is bleeding!”

銆€銆€I heard that more exercise can grow muscles.

I went to the 129 guide lap every night, when I didn’t meet my sister, I met a fat girl.

She enthusiastically told me: “Standing on running can lose weight.”

Immediately after listening to the dormitory, I rushed back to the dormitory, looked up at the moonlight, and then burst into tears, and then made a burst of screaming. (Background music: The legend of the wolf) I wanted to let it go. One day, my favorite mm told me: “I heardThere is a mess in Paris.” I picked it up: “Don’t be afraid, I will be there by the time”