How to create a sexy shoulder for men

How to create a sexy shoulder for men

A friend who has gone through each other has experienced an accumulation of failures and is increasingly lacking confidence in his body shape.

Because he is a wide, weak-muscle person, putting on clothes, it feels like a hanger hanging in the wind, which keeps girls away.

The truth is that many boys are not very satisfied with their shoulders and don’t know how to change.

  Sculpting method: 1. Dumbbell press: Hold one dumbbell in each hand, bend the fists of your arms backwards, turn into a curled posture, and then press upward, while rotating your forearms (the thumbs turn from the outside to the inside) until the arms are straightThen slowly return and repeat.

The main development is the anterior and middle bundles of the deltoid muscle, which increases the strength while reducing excessive aunts.

  2. Push-ups with the tiger’s mouth inward: The tiger’s mouth with both palms facing inward, palms facing opposite, spaced wider than the shoulders to do push-ups.

When the upper arm is flexed, do not tilt your body too fast, and try to keep the side to the ground.

The main development is the deltoid anterior and pectoral muscles.

  Recommended sports: Some sports have a good effect on the development of the shoulders, such as swimming, especially butterfly swimming.

  Of course, the development of body shape must be consistent, coordinated and holistic.

If the neck is short and the shoulders are narrow, the deltoid and pectoral muscles should be mainly developed, and the trapezius should be less developed; those who have a better ratio to the shoulders should develop fully to make the shoulders more fit; those with broad shoulders and weak muscles should have moreStrengthen your shoulders, buttocks and pectoral muscles.

  To develop muscle shape, load resistance strength exercises are more effective.

In strength exercises, we must follow the principle of acting within our means and gradually.

Warm-up exercises should be done before strength exercises, and finishing activities should be done after the exercises, which has a good effect on reducing muscle injuries and aches.