Seven magical uses of lemons in cooking

Seven magical uses of lemons in cooking

In addition to soaking water, what other use does a lemon buy at home have?

The latest article from the American Health Network published “The Amazing Use of Lemons in Cooking”.


Prevent food discoloration Lemon juice is acidic and can prevent food from browning due to oxidation.

Squeezing lemon juice when making a fruit platter can prevent avocado (avocado), apple, banana and other fruits from turning black.

Adding a slice of lemon when squeezing fruit juice not only protects vitamin C from loss, but also keeps the fruit juice beautiful color.


To prevent the rice from becoming too sticky and thick, you can add a few drops of lemon juice to the rice cooker so that the steamed rice is soft and not sticky.

In addition, lemon juice will make rice look better.


To prevent brown sugar from becoming hard, put a small piece of lemon peel in the brown sugar to clean the pulp, which can prevent brown sugar from becoming hard and keep soft.


Let the lettuce taste more crispy. Once the water is scarce, the lettuce will easily soften, and certain lemon juice and water can make the lettuce leaves “live up”.

Let the lettuce leaves be soaked in lemon water for a while, then refrigerate for 1 hour, the taste is more crisp.


To prevent boiled eggs from breaking the shell, brush the egg shells with lemon juice before putting them into the pan.

This will not only prevent the eggs from breaking the shell, but also make it easier for the boiled eggs to shell.


Making the meat tenderer lemon juice is an excellent “tender meat artifact”.

The acid in the lemon helps break down the fiber and makes meats like steak and pork more tender.


Improve the taste of food, lemon balanced cream food tastes better, can balance the taste of seafood, or can replace salt seasoning.